40 years experience in the Transport and Vehicle Body Building industries, including 15 years as an owner driver, transporting all types of general freight around Australia has given me plenty of "hands-on" experience with gates and allows me to offer advice on what will best suit your needs.

Gates for Trucks and Trailers - Gates

Truck gates and trailer gates are becoming a more important part of the transport industry and with regulations changing all the time and some mine sites enforcing truckies to have gates on their truck or trailer before they can enter their sites. It is becoming more common to carry gates even if you don't really need them.

Gates for Trucks and Trailers - Curtain Sider with Gates

Unfortunately the government departments will not tell you what the law is on truckgates, only to say that it is your responsibility to make sure that everything is secured to your truck or trailer. If something should fall off your truck or trailer, you will be held responsible and this could be very costly, especially if someone should get hurt by the unsecured object whether it be a piece of freight, empty pallet or even a glut that goes over the side.

Gates for Trucks and Trailers - Gate Lock


A good tip is when you are travelling empty to lay the gates down as this is when they rattle around and the metal becomes fatigued!

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Curtain Siders

Beware of the fact that side curtains are not classed as a load restraint. So if you have a pallet or anything inside with no gates and not tied down, it is classed as being not secured.

Some newer trailers have special curtains which are classed as load restraining, but you would need to check with the manufacturer.

Load restraint curtains are generally designed for equal loading such as a full load of pallets of equal weight.