Hanging Gates

Hanging the gates in tautliners saves having to lift gates up and down from the ground which means less chance of the drivers hurting themselves thereby reducing the chances of injury claims or any health and safety issues.

It also stops the problem of gates getting left behind or being run over by a fork lift and damages caused by drivers dropping the gates to the ground.

Gates for Trucks and Trailers - Hanging Gate
Tracks and Chains

  • Reduces heavy manual lifting
  • Accelerates loading and unloading
  • Reduces risk of back injuries
  • Prevents cost of loss or damaged gates and theft
  • Permanently suspended gates reduces risk

As the gates are attached to the body or trailer, the problem of finding an area to place them during the loading and unloading process is solved. Simply lift the gate from its mounting and slide it out of the way along the track attached to the roof. The gate will securely hang by the chain.

Roller Kits & Tracks

Roller kits and tracks can be supplied only or supplied and fitted. Rollers can be supplied for most tautliner tracks.

Gates for Trucks and Trailers - Roller Type B
B / B30

Gates for Trucks and Trailers - Roller Type D

Gates for Trucks and Trailers - Roller Krueger
Krueger (K)

Gates for Trucks and Trailers - Roller Vawdry
Vawdry (V)

Gates for Trucks and Trailers - Roller Freighter
Freighter (F)

Freighter rollers will fit most Freighter trailers & some other trailers.

To measure rollers: Wheel Dia is distance from top to bottom of the wheel. Wheel Width is distance from outside of one wheel to the outside of the other wheel.

Aluminium tracks are available in 7m lengths @ $220.00/length inc GST. Roller type A fits this track. (See diagram)

Gates for Trucks and Trailers - Tracks and Rollers

Wheel Dia
Wheel Width
ProfileInc. GST

Most sizes kept in stock or can be made to order in a short time.

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