Load Racks

Load racks at the front & rear are necessary on most trailers carrying general freight as they can help stop the freight moving. They can be supplied in 3 classes from light-weight up to heavy duty.

Lightweight loadracks can be fitted with flat inserts inside the bottom 250mm to help stop them cracking or bending. This enables you to have a loadrack that can still be handled easily but less chance of cracking or bending at the bottom.

Gates for Trucks and Trailers - Load Racks

Load racks & gates are kept in stock for most makes of trailers
or, if not in stock, can be made to order in a short time.


A good tip is when you are travelling empty to lay the gates down as this is when they rattle around and the metal becomes fatigued!

Most sizes kept in stock or can be made to order in a short time.

Based in Perth WA

Curtain Siders

Beware of the fact that side curtains are not classed as a load restraint. So if you have a pallet or anything inside with no gates and not tied down, it is classed as being not secured.

Some newer trailers have special curtains which are classed as load restraining, but you would need to check with the manufacturer.

Load restraint curtains are generally designed for equal loading such as a full load of pallets of equal weight.