Mine-Site Safety Gates

The reason for the mine-site safety gates are that they are much lighter and easy to handle, are painted yellow (required by most mine sites) and are only between 900 and 1100 mm high, making it easy to load or unload over the top of the gate, yet any person standing on the truck or trailer has something to stop them from stepping over the edge.

Gates for Trucks and Trailers - Mine-Site Safety Gates

Mine-site safety gates on trucks and trailers are now required on most mine sites if you do not have any gates fitted.

There are no standards regarding these gates or how they should be fitted, but some sites have their own standards so you would need to check with the mine site that you are transporting to.

Our Safety Gates are Certified to Australian Standards

Gates for Trucks and Trailers - Mine-Site Safety Gate

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Gates for Trucks and Trailers

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